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Who or What is DropLoPTexas?

Texas IS a "Law and Order" state, but the Law of Parties is OUT of ORDER! Texans believe in punishment for people who have broken the law; they do not believe in punishing people for things they have not done. We are a Political Action Committee registered with the State of Texas. We are dedicated to reforming the outmoded and unjust Law of Parties. Under this law, many Texans have been sentenced to outrageously lengthy and cruel sentences, including death, because of connections with a person who killed someone, whether the second person participated in the killing or not. 


A Focus on Results

Some have tried to reform Texas Law of Parties in just removing the death penalty for co-defendants who did not perform a killing.  We believe the whole dragon should be slain at once and not left twitching to take down any more bystanders with its long and ugly tail. Overzealous prosecutors who use the threat of a death sentence OR sentence of life without parole to coerce plea bargains should be stopped.


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Please help spread the word about the need for reform of Texas Law of Parties. Begin by posting relevant news stories on your personal social media sites. Raising consciousness is a big piece of the puzzle. 

You may want to join the closed Facebook page for friends and family of people affected by Texas' Law of Parties. (Click the small f below for a link.) 

See the STORIES page of this website for a few of the individuals and families affected by Law of Parties. Use the contact form below or email to share your own story. Thanks!

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